Getting through Things To be Done

Who doesn’t know this? Why even talk about it?

Women who read this must be rolling their eyes and grimacing and thinking, ‘Oh, no! Yet another smart-alec drivelling about getting through that infamous TO-Do List and how to do everything at once efficiently and being a superwoman.

Rest assured, this is not one of those kind of posts and yet it is in a way!

We all have spurts of energy and periods of lethargy and fatigue. I feel it is important to plan all you want to do in that day and follow your own periods of energetic times and lethargic times in that day itself.

The satisfaction that comes from having done a lot of things and being productive can be understood and felt only by those who have actually accomplished it and heaved a happy sigh!

I think we should not become disheartened if we do not seem to get anything done properly on some days. The days when our children do not cooperate at all, the days our aged parents/in-laws are at their crankiest, the days our boss seems to delight in mowing us and our ideas ruthlessly down, the days even the weather and transportation seems to be pitted against us, ………

Each of you can think of those days from your own lives. Pick yourself up, dust off the embarrassment, drape the mantle of your tattered dignity again and get going!

Tell yourself it happens to everybody at some time or the other. Do not let these days pull you down or restrain you. You get better and better, the more you keep going!

So, cheers to all those brave souls who thought they were alone. Believe me you are not. Whatever has happened to you, has happened to many others. YOU may be unaware of it.

Chin up! Get going! Get everything done. Even if you get through half the things you planned. praise yourself lavishly and brace yourself for the next day!

You will get everything done!






Lessons in True Humility

I got a chance to meet two great women on Saturday.

I want to talk about the first in this post.

She is Dr. Almeida Fernandes, the pioneer of Human Milk bank. She has achieved so much, done so much for so many mothers and saved the lives of thousands of babies and yet, she is TRULY humble, positive, compassionate and matter of fact about her work.

She also motivates all women she meets to just do whatever needs to be done, without fussing about the hows and wheres and all the niggling things that shackle and restrain us.

She says that if you are focussed and want to find a solution, God will help you find a way and the good work you want to do takes on a life and momentum of its own.

I completely agree with this warm wonderful lady and hope to do a little good work, not on a grand scale like her, but in really small, micro ways!




Lean In- Sheryl Sandberg

I LOVED this book. I keep talking about Sheryl and her experiences as narrated in the book.
She is a real inspiration for REAL women the world over.


Ok. I have been meaning to read this book since a long time but what with a young baby grappling for my attention and plenty of book lovers battling for the same book, it was hard to get my greedy hands on a copy. I finally received this book from the library after what seemed like ages (there was a HUGE queue for checking this book out).

And the verdict is the same as many of Sheryl Sandberg’s fans and followers. It is an amazing book. I loved the plain speaking, the honest accounts and  the many apt similes. My favorite is the one on office politics: “walking in a minefield, backwards with high heels on”.

I took some great take-aways from the book: memorable of which are: (not necessarily in the order as in the book):

  1. Done is better than right.
  2. Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder. -Pattie Sellers
  3. Don’t Leave…

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The Nine Rooms of Happiness


Book Review: The Nine Rooms of Happiness- Lucy Danziger & Dr. Catherine Birndorf

“Life and all the various roles we, women play, explained in terms of the different rooms in a house”. ‘Interesting!’, I thought as I grabbed the book. Skimming through  (I dislike books that turn boring between the introduction and climax) I found all the anecdotes I read seemed inarguably real- as in genuine, authentic. I borrowed the book and now that I finished it, am glad I took it.

With short anecdotes for a variety of problems, the authors ponder on how we get lost in the small and big decisions of life and get trapped in trouble, resentment or simply unable to reach our fullest capacity of happiness. By sharing empathetic and practical suggestions, the authors stay helpful and sensible but never turn preachy. I nodded along to many of the stories shared in the book. Even with issues I myself…

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Women Empowerment


I recently viewed this video about respecting women and empowerment. It is not too preachy- just states that everybody needs respect and not to underestimate or undermine anyone. Just let everyone be. While not the most amazing of videos, plenty more that are more awesome- this one resounded with me because it was simple yet eloquent. No drama or OTT. And that I liked!

With the weekend turning grey , rainy and snowy, (at least out here in the suburbs of Chicago) -stay warm and be happy.

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Everybody says that reading books is a good habit. Reading adds to our store of knowledge, books are our best friends and so on.

I agree with all the above statements, though they are hackneyed. The fact that I am a book lover, no let me face facts squarely, I am a book addict!

I need books like, …… you know!

The other day, a young friend and colleague of mine asked me what I was reading currently, and when I told her the names of the six books I am in the midst of, she stopped me right there and asked me a bit, no a lot, disbelievingly, when I found the time to read, while holding down a full time teaching position and being involved in research work.

I replied without having to think for a moment, that I needed books like I need to breathe.

Thinking about it now, I realise it was nothing but the bare truth without any artifice or embellishment or a need to look and sound intellectual. I am glad printing was invented. I am glad technology has made it possible for books to be relatively easily available today. And I am glad WordPress allows me to share these thoughts with like minded souls!

I am reading one book a week published before 1920 and I find the insights gained into that time fascinating. The books are fiction and yet the insights are gained painlessly, seemingly imperceptibly! I am finding it exhilarating.

Good Bye for now!

Happy reading, people!