Book Review

Review of the book ‘The Food of Love’ written by Amanda Prowse

Freya, the mother believes in her daughter and her own ability to deal with everything pertaining to her children, despite all odds.
This touches a chord in mothers all over the world who feel the same way.

Readers can identify with the feelings of helplessness, despair and the overwhelming urge to pretend that all is well and platitudes to gloss over a rapidly deteriorating situation!

The moral dilemma faced by the mother in this book where no one can be conveniently blamed for the horrible situation leaves the readers too, flailing about, looking for something, anything, on which to pin the blame, so real is the character portrayal by the author Amanda Prowse, and so compelling is the flow of the book.

The book leaves the readers dismayed to find that nothing can be taken for granted in this world and what we hold dearest may be lost at any moment, even as we desperately try to keep it all together.

We cannot help mentally stuffing our fists into our mouths and silently screaming, ‘ Oh my God, Oh my God! But for the Grace of God, that could be me in that scenario!’

Really, we should count our blessings and fight this obsession with so – called beautiful bodies and the unnatural pressure on people to constantly ‘look good’ and the craving imposed and brainwashed into us to be youthful, no matter what our age or occupation or health condition is like.

A book that forces the reader to look deeply within and question many things that are accepted casually, without a second thought.

A compelling read!



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